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Let’s start this by talking about another subject Health & Safety. In the late 1960’s when I started in construction the UK industry killed 400 workers each year on building sites.

It was one of the most dangerous jobs you could have in the entire country. In 1974 the Health & safety at Work Act came into force, followed in 1994 with the Construction Design (Management) Regulations, both of which have assisted in reducing this number considerably to 38 in 2018.
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It is almost as though quality is some sort of magic veneer that may be applied in the last few weeks before handover to correct the misdemeanours of the past. What is lacking is a similar approach to quality as that which everyone now takes to H&S.

That is to say a proactive approach with QA risk assessments carried out at the pre-construction stage, followed up with a QA plan and proper checks made to ensure stage by stage that all is well.