Innovative in-house and construction solutions based in London. Find out more about how Craftex can remove the headache from your next residential or commercial build.
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At Craftex, we are passionate about designing and building extraordinary homes and workspaces using innovative design solutions.

Let us remove the headache from your next build and use our comprehensive stress-free construction solutions, all under one roof. Together, we can redefine your residential or commercial environment.
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    Craftex started in 2016 as a carpentry and joinery business working for one of the larger contractors. Today, we are a well-established contracting company based in London. With a stellar reputation, we employ only high end residential architects, the best designers, and project managers, besides an in-house team of skilled trained craftsmen. Combined we have 150+ years of experience, guaranteeing only the best service for our clients.

    Our complete end-to-end solutions make transforming your residential or commercial project with innovative design solutions easier than you could imagine.
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    A robust, critical thinker having gained transferrable skills both commercially ...
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    Home Renovation Services

    What problems are you trying to solve with house renovation services? Do you need extra play space, or maybe it’s finally time to renovate your kitchen or remodel your bathroom? The possibilities are endless, only limited to your family budget and imagination. Once you have decided to change your home and realize your dreams, order Home Depot renovation services, and professional home improvement contractors will choose for you the best home design solutions and build whatever you need.

    Home Renovation Design Services

    Renovation work requires professionalism and a clear understanding of every detail. Whether you have bought a new building or have remodelled a house you have lived in for many years. If you do not want the renovation to last forever in your home, then entrust it to specialists with extensive experience.
    After all, apartment renovation is a very long and difficult period that requires a lot of money and effort. However, time does not stand still, and today you can completely change your home much faster and save money. We are talking about apartment renovation services provided by a qualified team of craftsmen, designers, and builders, whom you can find in our company and who are ready to offer you the best design home solutions.
    Read more about the benefits of our home renovation and fit out services in the blog section of our website - we have plenty of useful information to share!

    What Are The Benefits Of the Home Depot Renovation Services?

    Individual Approach and Original Idea

    Sometimes, even the owners themselves do not know how their house should look like. A professional, based on the preferences and wishes that you describe to him, will develop a home interior design especially for you and attach the most suitable renovation services of Home Depot. He will certainly take into account the character of the client, his habits, hobbies, and lifestyle. Provides several options for the luxury interior design of apartments, one of which you will definitely like. At the same time, the idea will be non-standard, interesting, and suitable for your home! Solves all problems with the choice of color, style combination, and suitable decor!

    Enhance Your Property Value

    Hiring an expert on high end interior design and renovating your property, you can make it more valuable and attractive. You can boost the overall value of your apartment or house by enhancing the functionality of the loft, basement, and other rooms in your home.

    Enhance Your Property Value

    Hiring an expert on modern apartment interior design and renovating your property, you can make it more valuable and attractive. You can boost the overall value of your apartment or house by enhancing the functionality of the loft, basement, and other rooms in your home.

    Selection of Quality Building Materials

    The attractiveness of any home depends on the interior decoration of the premises. Modern interior designs for apartments make them comfortable and cosy. Most often, consumers prefer familiar materials that are time-tested and guarantee reliability and durability. However, the construction idea does not stand still, and new, more efficient, and less costly technologies constantly appear in the development of interior design for small studio apartments.

    There is no place for simple materials in modern interior designs for small apartments, even in office design projects. Of course, the materials for interior decoration remained the same: wallpaper, tiles, various gypsum panels, varnishes, and paints. However, manufacturers have improved their quality: now the familiar materials have new properties that are valuable in use and unusual shapes, which make it possible to create innovative interior designs for a studio apartment.

    Improve the Functionality of Your House

    Home renovation allows customizing your house or apartment to your needs, desires, and preferences. Using home solutions for design apartments in central London has become an excellent opportunity to create a comfortable space that will be much more comfortable, functional, and enjoyable. There are countless choices available to consumers when it comes to small apartment interior designs and renovation. Working with a professional can help you choose the right solution, be it the interior design of the living room in your apartment, updating a bathroom, creating a home theatre, or extra play space for your children.

    Change of Style and Design of Interior for Small Apartment

    Over time, we begin to feel that the apartment becomes old-fashioned, not ergonomic, and the furniture takes up almost all the usable space. It is a change of use planning permission and luxury apartment's interior design that will overcome the feeling that your house is not as modern as you would like it to be. You could check out the design and build packages that our company suggests and hire a renovation contractor, who can offer you modern studio apartment interior design ideas and guide you in the renovation of your home and apartment. Professionals will choose the best likely approach to achieve maximum comfort after completing the living room interior design in your apartment.

    Lower Your Energy Costs

    The goal of innovations in the interior design of luxury apartments and interior decoration is the introduction of energy-saving technologies for renovation, which saves heat in the house. The most common way to reduce thermal energy consumption is to insulate the walls, ceilings, and floors of your home. In this regard, new technologies for repairing one-bedroom apartments and the use of modern solutions for interior designs of ceilings have appeared. These changes can cut down on your energy bills, allowing you to save money and spend on things that are more enjoyable for you.

    Increase the Space of Your Property

    Industrial apartment interior design and renovation of basement and attic is a great opportunity to increase the space of your home if you feel it is too small. Using such a service, you can easily get additional rooms in your house and convert them into playrooms, bedrooms, and other rooms. Get the most out of it by hiring home and office space planning professionals.

    Bring Your House Back to Life with Craftex

    Renovating your property and interior design apartment of a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and other rooms will help enhance the life of your home. The experts can determine the weak spots and make your home aesthetically more appealing. Use innovative ways to fix any problems in your home as part of the renovation and design services.