Craftex Green Line

Beaumont House, London

Discover our high-quality design and reconstruction work at Beaumont House, London, completed by Craftex’s team of professionals.
With only five weeks to complete a major office refurbishment, Beaumont House is a prime example of how Craftex’s proactive team of professionals can hit tight deadlines. Located in West Kensington, London, we worked tirelessly to transform this 750 sq m rundown office into a modern and innovative work environment in just three weeks.

We also helped our client move to their new premises for a stress-free relocation, ensuring no disruption to business.
Green Line
Green Line
3 weeks
Total size
750 sq m
West Kensington, London
Design and reconstruction
The transformation of Beaumont House required complete design and reconstruction. Our team remodelled the interior layout and demolished walls to maximise space and create an open-plan office for collaborative working.

The inclusion of frosted glass partitions allowed us to create appropriate smaller function rooms for private meetings.

Transformation into a modern workplace

We also removed the structural ladder and installed CCTV and controlled access points in different areas of the office.

Lighting and wiring were replaced throughout, while under-floor communication cables were used to reach the computers for a modern look while minimising trip hazards.

Our team of decorators was then responsible for redecorating the offices throughout.
Using a neutral colour scheme, we stuck to monochrome tones for minimal distraction when working. From the gray carpet to the newly installed chrome and black kitchen, the entire office space is cohesive and contemporary.

After the three-week turnaround, we then transferred the furniture and office equipment to the new office and offered our client further maintenance by Craftex Ltd.
The major limitation for the renovation of Beaumont House was time. Upon contacting Craftex, our client had only five weeks before the lease at their current premises expired. It was imperative they relocated all 150+ staff to new offices before this deadline or face huge disruptions to business.

Having contacted several other contractors that required at least 12 weeks from quotation to completion, they seemed to have a big problem at hand.
Challenges and solutions
Thanks to Craftex’s flexible approach and collaborative team, we were on-site two weeks after our initial contact with the client. Our industry connections enabled us to mobilise huge management and labour resources to make this project happen.

Within the tight deadline, our team successfully refurbished the new premises with zero snags or defects.
This was all done without disruption to other office workers, with Beaumont House Management Team being extremely happy with our noise and waste management and organisation of deliveries.

Following this project's success and our proactivity, our client hired Craftex for a second office refurbishment within the same building, valued at £1.3 million.
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