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Medusa Beauty Salon

Discover our high-quality design and refurbishment work at Medusa Beauty Salon, London, completed by Craftex’s team of professionals.
Our brief for the Medusa Beauty Salon in Knightsbridge was to create a bold and luxurious space reminiscent of the underwater world that’s home to the jellyfish, the inspiration behind the salon’s name.

We pulled on our skills and knowledge across multiple disciplines to provide innovative and affordable design solutions that offer high-quality results – all through a global pandemic. The result is a fresh and eclectic salon space that oozes beauty and allure.
Green Line
Green Line
17 weeks
Total size
200 sq m over 4 floors
Knightsbridge, London
Design and full refurbishment
When contacted by the client, Medusa Beauty Salon was at RIBA stage II in the design process – this means the design was at concept stage only with some 3D visuals. Our in-house team stepped in to create an incredible finished design concept.

Our client wanted a complete re-do, therefore we fully stripped out the four floors of the old salon and added new flooring, partitions, ceilings, and plastering.

Underwater inspired salon makeover

We also fitted new electrics, fire and intruder alarms, and CCTV, alongside AC and new ventilation.

In line with the underwater theme, we used jellyfish patterned wallpaper combined with blue and purple Italian Valpaint for a water-like wall effect.

Reliant on special application techniques, we trained our decorators in Valpaint application to ensure a professional finish.
Our interior designers used these same cool tones consistently throughout the salon, from the turquoise chandeliers to the fish scale tiles, all procured by our team.

The installation of bespoke mirrors also acts functionally while being carefully positioned to create the illusion of space and dimension. This saw the transformation of Medusa Salon to a quirky, fun, and eclectic space.
The design work continued outside the salon floor. The wooden staircase was completely refurbished and brought back to life, giving the space a high-end feel throughout.

We also completed external remedial works and redecorated the shopfront for an eye-catching entrance designed to draw customers in.
One of the main challenges here was budget. Having received the project at RIBA Stage II, cost estimations had already been discussed in the previous steps.

However, thanks to Craftex being an in-house company offering turnkey servicing, we were able to understand the full impact of the design concept on construction costs and offer more affordable solutions.

Challenges and solutions

Our industry connections also helped us with affordable procurement and supplies. The final result was an adapted more efficient design solution that aligned the client’s vision with her budget for a high-end yet affordable result.

Our work at Medusa was also completed during the COVID-19 global pandemic, meaning our team had to shift our usual processes in line with government restrictions and social distancing regulations.
All client meetings were conducted over Zoom, and we sourced all furniture, fixings, and equipment from UK suppliers to avoid potential overseas delays.

Our client visited the site only once during the construction process, highlighting Craftex’s capabilities, exceptional management, and high standards of work. Upon completion, our client had no complaints, and expectations were exceeded.
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