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Pan Peninsula Penthouse

Discover our high-end residential design and reconstruction of the penthouse at Pan Peninsula Tower, completed by Craftex’s team of professionals
Situated in the vibrant and trendy area of Canary Wharf, London, the Pan Peninsula is a residential skyscraper tower known for its wealth of luxurious high-end apartments. Within this development, our team was hired for the design and refurbishment of the luxury penthouse suite.

We proposed a sophisticated, modern, and opulent interior to match its panoramic views of the stunning London waterfront, delivered on time, on budget, and in line with our client’s vision.
Green Line
Green Line
10 weeks
Total size
290 sq m
Pan Peninsula Square, Canary Wharf, London
Design and reconstruction
The transformation of the penthouse suite at Pan Peninsula consisted of both design and reconstruction work. Our team started with a soft strip, removing the furniture, selected joinery, wallpaper, and sound suppression panels.

Selected walls were also removed to create an airy and fluid open-plan layout designed to maximise the space.

High-end residential transformation

To suit this new arrangement, we reconfigured all services and performed validation testing, also adding innovative smart home features for convenience and a high-end feel.

All remaining aspects of the penthouse were fully refurbished, including the retained joinery, existing flooring and doors, and the addition of new ironmongery.

The result is a sleek and contemporary space that combines timeless white surfaces with textured stone and timber for subtle depth.
The outside space was also restored and balcony decking renewed, giving residents a place to enjoy the views of the skyline and soak up London’s thriving atmosphere.

Lighting also played a key role in the design. With impressive floor-to-ceiling windows leading to stunning views over Canary Wharf, the penthouse is flooded with natural light.
The addition of downlights throughout complement this natural lighting and have been layered with central pendants for a sophisticated atmospheric effect.

The central lighting fixtures and other decorative elements were also chosen for visual impact. The use of metallic accents, mirrors, and crystal add subtle elegant touches without detracting from the views outside.
There were a number of logistical challenges for this project, both at the strip out and the main stages of construction.

With the residential tower already home to residents, our team’s effective noise and waste management solutions came largely into play, minimising disruption.

Challenges and solutions

Consistent coordination of works and deliveries with the Pan Peninsula Management Team and other tower residents also played a major part in this project’s successful delivery.

Despite these obstacles, the penthouse renovations were completed on time and within the allocated budget. Following successful completion, Craftex was invited to participate in an invitation-only tender by Pan Peninsula management, illustrative of our high-quality results.
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