Warehouse design and reconstruction, Oxfordshire

Discover our high-quality design and reconstruction work at a Banbury warehouse, completed by Craftex’s team of professionals
After the successful completion of works at an office in Kensington, Craftex was commissioned to undertake design and reconstruction works at the client’s Banbury warehouse.

This busy warehouse required additional space to be created, allowing for new employee facilities and new storage areas.
4 weeks
Total size
148 sq m
Banbury, Oxfordshire
Design and reconstruction
Warehousing space is in high demand currently, and our client was keen to add additional capability to their modern, functional and busy warehouse.

We spent four weeks creating a brand new 148 sq m area which would bring notable extra capacity and make the best possible use of the available space.

Creation of additional facilities and storage

To provide additional facilities for the busy warehouse team, we installed a new changing room with lockers for personal item storage and a bench along with a custom-made sink.

Our talented team assured a premium feel, with contemporary and luxurious décor, including stylish hanging laps which was installed on the high, open ceiling to create a sense of light and space.
We additionally installed a new storage room, with double doors for ease of access, pallet racking to maximise storage availability and make the best use of the space, along with metal barriers to ensure high levels of protection and health and safety compliance.

Finally, to complete the design and construction process, we made the existing warehouse floor good, creating a polished, modern finish consistent with the rest of the space.
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