Craftex Green Line

Gym design and construction

Discover our high-quality design and reconstruction work at a fitness facility in Northamptonshire, completed by Craftex’s team of professionals.
Craftex’s highly skilled team worked in collaboration with our client to design and construct a stunning new Roborace gym in the historic market town of Banbury in Oxfordshire.

The brief for this project was to create a modern, motivating and high tech space to welcome clients arriving to complete their workout with ample space and design functionality to ensure users could comfortably conduct their workouts.
Green Line
Green Line
4 weeks
Total size
86 sq m
Banbury, Oxfordshire
Design and reconstruction
From the drawing board of Craftex’s talented designers, the Roborace gym in Banbury is an excellent example of form and functionality combining to create a space which really hits the brief.

Located in a busy retail and commercial centre at the very edge of the rural and affluent Cotswolds, we worked closely with our client to create a premium offering in line with their brand vision.

Designing and constructing a bright, modern gym

The design and construction of the 86 sq m Roborace gym called for a range of expert Craftex services.
Our team initially worked in collaboration with the client to create a structural floor design, allowing for optimal use of the space.
Roborace gym design and construction, Banbury
With a keen consideration of the end user needs and mindful of equipment layout, our vision for the space included lots of practical additions such as floor-to-ceiling mirrors to ensure gym user expectations and needs were met from the moment they stepped through the doors.

In order to set the tone for the gym, we made and installed custom doors, with sleek and stylish silver hardware.
In addition to the floor-to-ceiling mirrors which help to create light and a sense of space, we also installed bright in-ceiling lighting, having first fitted all necessary electrical wiring.

Designer radiators were also installed along with a hardwood engineered floor, chosen for its ability to withstand the equipment weight and high levels of foot traffic, along with its sleek, contemporary aesthetic.
In addition to designing the structural floor, we also considered floor socket placement and installed them at strategic locations around the space to allow for exercise equipment to be plugged in.

With the design and construction works completed on time and on budget, the Craftex team assisted with arranging the delivery of gym equipment and then installing it ready to welcome the first gym-goers to work out in the modern, luxury space.
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